My new blog site

2007-11-13 06:32:41 +0000

Moving is always interesting and a challenge, in this case it was no less so…

So I just moved blogs.

I had two free blogs at Blognow, which were Q and Scientology which served me well with a lot of traffic etc.

But I have outgrown a free blog and now have put this one online.

At the same time, I moved over to Mephisto as my blogging platform. If you haven’t used Mephisto, you should give it a try, running on Ruby on Rails it really allows unlimited customiztion using the liquid layout.

I will be moving over the articles to here as I go along to populate this site with data as well.

It was interesting setting up, I haven’t had to setup a rails app on someone else’s server before, and right now this host only handles fcgi rails apps, which, again, I have never had to use (always using my own servers with packs of mongrels and Apache.

But after a couple of teething problems, we are good to go and live!

So here I am, will post quite a lot here, especially on Rails and Ruby and Macs and Tech and my religion.

Hope you all enjoy it.