Vector magic

2007-11-15 04:36:39 +0000

Vector magic converts your bitmaps into beautiful phots… for free!


This rocks.

If you have EVER tried to convert a bitmap into a vector image, you know how painful this can be with tools like livepaint and other adobe / corel et al tracing functions.

Well, in comes Stanford University and BOOM, Vector Magic.

This changes your bitmaps into vectors, the interface is utalitarian, but it works and it is magical!

What it seems is the Vector Magic takes a look at the whole picture to work out the best lines, you have to configure some things like is it a logo or photo etc etc etc.

If you have ever tried to find paths in Photoshop or use live trace in Illustrator, you will know how much of a pain the resulting vectors are.

But the results of VectorMagic are fantastic!

Go check it out!