How to make a reply address with TMail

2007-11-16 15:48:48 +0000

TMail is quite an extensive mailing library that is suffering from incredibly documentation pains.

The easy stuff is simple, like gives you the to address of the email, and”something” sets the to address to something.

But there are some other things that TMail can do to make your life simple and easy and I am going to document them here on this blog.

Recently there was a bug request 15445 on the create_forward function.

I have fixed this bug and closed the ticket and merged the changes back into trunk of TMail.

But what this means now is that you can do the following:

mail = TMail::Mail.load("/path/to/my_email_message")
forwarded_email = @mail.create_forward = "New address <>"
text = "Dear me\n\nHere is that email I was talking about!\n"
forwarded_email.body = text

And then you can just send the forwarded_email.

“create_forward” nicely takes the existing email, encodes it into 7-bit ASCII, and the inserts it as an attachment to a new email which it returns to you… Handy :)

“create_forward” is an existing method that has been moved into the main interface.rb file of TMail which means that it will be available to any mail object with a simple require ‘tmail’ in your ruby or rails code.

Hope you enjoy it!