Stored Procedures and MS SQL Server

2007-11-17 07:52:35 +0000


I’ll say it…..

My name is Mikel, and I’m using Microsoft SQL Server with Rails…

If you are caught in the same situation as me, some of the rails world is closed to you.

I am working with an existing database and getting Ruby on Rails working against it. The system is huge, has millions of lines of data and doesn’t use auto incrementing primary keys, pluralised tables or anything even remotely resembling my MySQL Ruby on Rails installations….

But I am a person too! I have rights!

The good news is that getting Rails working with SQL Server is actually not THAT hard… as long as you are running your rails server on the Microsoft Server.

Also, Rails allows you to pretty much override anything, so this isn’t too hard either.

It’s just the hassle of having to think in a new way, really. And MS SQL Server is a good and powerful server (despite what any MySQL or Postgress advocates should say).

But what this does give me is the opportunity to start helping knock down the backlog of MS SQL Server tickets on I can now help test these and get them committed.

So expect some more posts here about SQL Server and Ruby on Rails integration… I am sure I will need to refer back a few times!