Getting the truth about drugs

2007-11-20 12:38:26 +0000

Scientologists are anti-drug. If you ask someone about Scientology and drugs, most people will tell you we don’t like them. Here is why…

I have friends, just like you.

Some of these friends hit the drugs at different ages, some know what the drugs do and take them knowing full well the effects, for those guys, fair enough, it is your decision and life after all and you can do what you want with it as long as you don’t harm others.

For those others though that don’t know the full effects, it is sometimes hard to give them a real education. Mainly because you are comming in from such a different reality that it is hard to even get a common ground.

The Drug Salvage campaign in Australia (which I help out on the web design for), is getting the Truth About Drugs booklets out to the world.

There are 10 of these books, you can download them from their website and also can put the links to the booklets on your site.

This is very cool.

The booklets are easy to read, in PDF format and cut to the chase actually giving facts, not rhetoric.

From what I have found, giving kids / youth / adults the facts is the fastest way to educate them. They don’t need to be told what to think or be given a whole heap of “Just say no!”, they need FACTS that they can actually USE in life and think with.

These drug booklets do that.

Go check em out!