You know you should. I know, I know, you read it once, referred to it a bunch of times. But right now, stop reading this and go read it!

Oh, you haven’t gone yet?!

What the heck!

Seriously! I just did it myself and found a whole BUNCH of little things that are making my life easier right now.

It’s amazing you know. It comes from lack of understanding of the subject as a whole the first time you go through it, on the second read, you find all these different things which you go “Oh REALLY?! I didn’t know that, that is COOL!”

Oh… while you are at it, go learn Ruby.

Yes, that means picking up the pickaxe book and reading that chapter on Models and Classes that you skimmed over last time.

Doing these two things will do more for your speed of rails or ruby development than any other single thing you can do right now…

That is, of course, unless you have alREADY read through them a few times and are either (1) David HH or (2) _why, in that case, and ONLY in that case will I let you off the hook.