In a protest march yesterday, Kate Ceberano and her husband Lee, took the anti-psych march to the streets

This is fantastic

Some of my friends were in that march.

One of them said that a couple of the Psychiatrists actually came out of the meeting and said that they agreed with the no drugging of children and that kids should not be subject to this psychiatric abuse.

You may or may not know this, but the drugging of children and giving drugs to them is a multi billion dollar BUSINESS done by companies like Eli Lilly et al to make a PROFIT.

It is not a health care issue, it is a simple money making business.

So… if you were in the business to make money, would YOU make a drug that actually cures people, that handles the problem, lets the person STOP taking the drug and move on in life?

Obviously, this could damage your bottom line… because people would get BETTER and no longer buy your product.

Interesting viewpoint.