New Drug Education Site Up

2007-12-07 17:01:01 +0000

I am part of the Drug Free Ambassadors and we are working out how to get 100,000 drug educations books out in ONE DAY! We just put a new website up using Rails 2.0 and Mephisto…

The Drug Free Ambassadors have just put a new website up.

It is called Drug Facts and is really, quite funky

You see, we have 100,000 of the truth about drugs booklets to hand out, we are getting 100 volunteers together to be part of the action, and then 25 teams of 4 people are going to hit the streets of Sydney to hand out these booklets all day to strangers and give them all the truth about drugs.

It is going to be an awesome event!

If you are in Sydney, or will be in Sydney on the 28th of December, go to the site and sign up at the help out page. We want all the help we can get to make this event a fantastic success!

The site itself was developed in a very short time using the Mephisto blogging system (which this blog also runs on) and allowed us to make the site fast with comments, feedback forms (using James Crisp’s contact_form plugin ) and easy to edit and maintain.