Sometimes the media just get it right after all… Thank you CNN for posting one of the most informative dissertations on one of the worlds most uninformative fiction stories.

You may have heard about the latest “Unauthorized Biography” done by some lunatic, named Andrew Morton. I call him a lunatic from the definition in the Oxford Dictionary as “an extremely foolish person”.

The book goes into the secret inside life of Mr Tom Cruise and his relationships with Mr David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

The reply from Mark Harris at Entertainment Weekly was sharp and to the point, Tom wins. You can read it, it’s quite funny.

To be perfectly honest, I am growing sick and tired of the hoo ha that the tabloid media monkies drum up around insane, inane and impossible stories that people dream up about what it is us Scientologists do all day?

Well, I can tell you, we live by a simple moral code, called the Way to Happiness (which you can see precepts of online). We believe in a drug free life and have the largest international anti drug education campaign running world wide and we support and promote the Universal Declaration on Human Rights through our Youth for Human Rights and Human Rights campaigns.

Me? I am a programmer and coder and work on the Internet and network systems all day. I have parents, one of which has done a small amount of Scientology, and another which hasn’t, and I love them both very much.

So, maybe you should take a look at some of the above websites and you can make your own minds up about my religion.