L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday

2008-03-13 05:16:22 +0000

If Mr Hubbard were still with us, he would have had another birthday today. With all the humanitarian works his philosophy of Scientology has sparked, it is interesting to see just who this man is and what he actually did, without all the media induced hoo-ha.

Firstly, the L. Ron Hubbard website. Shows a mini biography, where he was born, how he grew up, the finding of Dianetics which then allowed him to discover and codify Scientology as well as the impact this religion has had on the world at large.

Then the Way to Happiness. This is Mr Hubbard’s non religious moral code to help bring calm to a society. You don’t have to be a Scientologist to follow the way to happiness. Here is a video of my favorite precept -

Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others…

Then there is the Scientology Volunteer Minister Campaign which brings help where it is needed, from being on the front lines at 9/11 to the Tsunami in South East Asia. Several of my friends went up to South East Asia to help (in Banda Aceh and they came back changed people… in so many ways that place had an impact on their lives, but the biggest impact, was that they felt like the helped.

The last one is the mass distribution of 100,000 fliers on New Year’s Eve in my home of Sydney. I helped make this happen, with volunteers all over Sydney distributing booklets everywhere. It was a great day, and we helped a lot of people get the truth about drugs.

Anyway, it is good to help people, and a lot of fun too!