Well, 1.2.2 is now released. You can get the latest version by gem install tmail or download from the TMail Rubyforge project

There are two big things about the latest version of TMail:

1. Ruby 1.9 compatibility.

This really opens the door for many other projects to be able to be compatible with Ruby 1.9 as a lot of people depend on TMail for their mail delivery. I am moving some projects, myself, to 1.9 with a target of using it at the 1.9.1 release, and this was a major step.

There were quite a few areas where the 1.9 character encoding features meant we could do away with a lot of hacks with KCODE we were using to get the same job done. However, because of this, there are places in the code where we have to explicitly check for the Ruby version to switch the program execution as the two paths are not compatible at all. Leads to some messy code in spots, but it works well.

2. Documentation

I personally had a hard time with the TMail documentation, I have attacked this in my spare time and produced, I think, some easy to read docs with a lot of examples. Hopefully this will help others get started with email on Ruby (which is surprisingly easy by the way!).

But doing the documentation has been quite a learning experience! You have to really pull apart your code and look at the internals of it and understand it to see how it could work and what use cases there are for it. I think I have learnt more about how the internals of TMail really work by documenting it, than I ever would have by using it.

Anyway, there it is, 1.2.2, hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you find a bug, you can do something about it and contribute a patch, or simply let us know.