Tip #1 - Subscribe to the Railscasts

2008-04-10 11:09:06 +0000

After watching Ryan’s 100th episode with the special duck typing sound effect at the start, he mentions a competition for the whole Ruby on Rails community. So here is my first tip!


I’m serious. So much so, that I won’t count this first tip in my list of 5 that I’ll submit to Ryan’s cool competition (you can find out where it is by downloading and watching Episode #100 of Railscasts )

But truth be told, when I am hanging out on #rubyonrails or answering questions on Rails Forum or Ruby on Rails talk, my most common tip to any new person is ‘go start at Railscast number 1 and watch one or two, at least, per day, until you start to get it.

I have watched every single episode over the past year and it has helped me start doing open source development, help me start being the maintainer for TMail and basically handle the planetary global warming problem. The power of the Railscasts is yet to be fully realised and will go down in history as the turning point for the new civilization!!!


Maybe not.

But that are good! And Ryan really does a cool job.

So there you go Ryan, tip one (of at least six :)