About Me

2008-04-15 08:30:54 +0000

My name is Mikel Lindsaar. If you are wondering “is it ‘mick-el’ or is it ‘mike-l’”, it is definately the second one. My name is pronounced exactly like ‘Michael’ is :)

I created reinteractive a web application development firm. We make cool things in Ruby on Rails, Javascript and other fun stuff :)

I am also a Scientologist and do a lot of volunteer work and support many non profit community organisations.

I live in Sydney Australia. I originally hail from the hills of Adelaide (which is in South Australia for those that don’t know) and grew up in the leafy forests (?) of Stirling.

Growing up in Stirling was a great, lots of areas to explore and find out about, we had the Mount Lofty Golf Course, only a “9-iron away” from our property’s entrance and a good 1-Wood away from our front door (we had a long drive way :)

I lived in a house that sat on a property which had a name called “Seven Oaks”. Why it was called “Seven Oaks” is lost in time, because, no matter how hard we tried, we could never get seven oak trees growing at once for any length of time. Rain and wind would blow them over, the pet goat would eat the sapling or any other combination of natural disasters always meant we ended up at around “Five Oaks”. But for some reason, “Seven Oaks” just sounds better than it’s lesser valued “Five Oak” cousin, and so the name stuck.

My days would be filled with traveling to School by bus for 2 hours in the morning and 2 and a half hours at night, talking with friends, playing role playing games, hacking away on my brand new spanking Model 5051, PC-XT IBM PC with monochrome (GREEN!) monitor and occasionally managing to make it to class.

I got the computer when I was visiting my dad in Melbourne. He gave it to me and I remember distinctly reading the MS-DOS 3 user manual on the plane on the way home. Learning about the new powerful features of…. well… not much, there wasn’t really a lot in that book and what I really ended up doing was putting it down and picking up the Basic manual to start playing with the Basics interpreter that came with MS-DOS.

I was luckier than most though, my computer had a full 640k of RAM as WELL as TWO (count them folks!) T-W-O FULL HEIGHT 5 1/4 INCH floppy drives, not only did they LOOK impressive, but it ran FAST. Faster than my HP Calculator anyway. Everyone else was stuck with 64k (Heh) Commodore 64s. Sure, they could play Donkey Kong, but did THEY have a floppy disk? I don’t THINK so!

It was a bright day when my dad purchased me a 10 MEGAbyte (GASP!) Hard Drive for my IBM PC. It was one of those full height jobs, and I wouldn’t say it was loud, not uncomfortably so, you didn’t really have to raise your voice much to talk to someone else that was in the same room. Of course, I had to loose one of the floppy drives, and had to make sure the fridge wasn’t starting up at the same time I turned my computer on for fear of blowing the house power, but, you know, it was a small price to pay for having ALL THAT SPACE!

Suffice to say, I continued playing with computers through school, went to uni, did a degree that I never finished, started an ISP, worked in a Network Support company and now work full time as a volunteer helping others.

Now days I am an IT Professional, I work in and around computers, IP telephony, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, linux variants, handle routing, routers, general internet plumbing, work around web services and program in Ruby and build cool stuff with Ruby on Rails. I am a rails core contributor, do a lot of work in the ActionMailer component and wrote the Ruby Mail library as well as being the maintainer for the TMail library.