Windows ipconfig does not show anything

2009-01-05 18:32:50 +0000

I had a Windows XP system (service pack 2) that would only return “Windows IP configuration” and then nothing, no indication of network disconnection nothing, well, there’s a good fix for it.

The system wouldn’t pickup an IP address from DHCP, it was like it was just confused.

You can do the following at a CMD prompt to reset the network configurations:

C:\> netsh winsock reset catalog
C:\> netsh int ip reset reset.log

The first line resets all the WINSOCK entries to their defaults, the second line resets all the TCP/IP entries to their defaults.

The first one will ask you to reboot, don’t. Do both commands and then reboot your system.

Once I did this, the computer got it’s DHCP address again quite happily.