Mail gets some compliments!

2009-11-01 21:25:06 +0000

As you know, I have put out the new mail gem… here are some of the things people have said about it:

“Wow, I find this library very exciting! Thanks for sharing.” – James Edward Gray II

“Nice work. Thanks Mikel.” – Gregory Brown

“I just finished parsing the whole Enron set (2.3gb) and the Trec 2005 set (0.5gb) again. The only issues that caused mail parser failures after the few commits on my fork are all related to bad header values. Everything else was clear sailing. I didn’t verify the correctness of the parser, just the success/failure, but still that’s ~500k emails that went through fine.” – Jim

“This is gorgeous. If you’ve got this pile of total awesome waiting for release, I’d rather jump on it.” – Eric Hodel

And only after a few short days, we have 84 people watching mail on github, compared to the few dozen on TMail.

Thanks for all your comments, keep them and your patches coming!