Mail now merged into ActionMailer

2009-12-30 16:00:00 +0000

Well, it is done, Mail 1.4.2 has now been merged into ActionMailer.

Today, my fork of rails was merged back into the rails master code branch. This removes TMail from ActionMailer and replaces it with my Mail gem.

This means that Rails 3.0 will be using Mail inside of ActionMailer instead of TMail.

Another bit of good news is that TMail was vendor’d inside of ActionMailer, making upgrades to TMail require a new version release of ActionMailer. With the new changes, Mail will not be vendor’d and instead be required as a gem. This means that you can download the patches made to Mail and install new versions of Mail without having to upgrade your rails stack.

As people installing Mail through Rails will quickly become the largest volume of Mail users, I will of course check all versions of Mail with compatibility with ActionMailer.

While the merge is done and we will have the Mail gem in Rails soon, there is still more work to do on ActionMailer to extract out the other “TMailisms” that had crept in over the years, code that was only there because it was not inside of TMail. I am working to get these removed soon and will keep you posted.

Thanks for all the people who have downloaded Mail and sent in bug reports! Keep them coming!