New Rails Version 3.0 Guides Online

2010-01-29 16:53:00 +0000

I am going through and updating a lot of the guides for Rails. As I do each one, I will update this post.

Rails 3 has a lot of changes. Don’t be fooled, the core team has been hard at work for the last year ever since the Merb and Rails announcement.

You can think of Rails 3 as a massive refactoring and extraction project. The amount of spring cleaning is, to put it bluntly, phenomenal.

So as I go through each guide and update it, and it gets published, I’ll link to it here, so you can all follow along :) I would also like all the feed back in can get on these. You can email me, send me a tweet or comment here.

Getting Started with Rails

Getting started with Rails was, appropriately, the first guide that was updated. This was different enough that the version 2 guide simply did not work on Rails 3. You can also find all the code for the getting started guide at my Getting Started Code github repository.

Layouts and Rendering in Rails

Layouts and Rendering in Rails was the next guide updated. Again, a lot of changes in Rails 3, highlights on the HTML 5 implementation, handling of the new video_tag and audio_tag helper methods and a big gotcha on partial rendering (you’ll have to read the guide for all the juicy bits, but enough to say that a lot LESS local variables get magically defined in partials now.

Next Up

I am mid way the Action Mailer guide now that the code has been updated to the new API. Check back soon.